Friday July 5th Brownwood Hotel & Spa 3003 Brownwood Blvd The Villages, FL 32163 Preview 12:30PM Auction 1:00 PM

Embassy Suites by Hilton St Augustine Beach Oceanfront Resort
300 A1A Beach Blvd, St. Augustine, FL 3208
Preview 6:30PM Auction 7:00PM

Sunday July 7th
Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa
1000 TPC Blvd | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Auction 1:00PM
Preview 12:30PM 

About Us

Bond Street Auction house features monthly sales of fine antiques, furniture, paintings, Luxury watches, Fine Art and jewelry – all of which can be bid on in person, by phone or online.All of the products which we offer to our clients, including all jewelry and gemstones are inspected for authenticity by Certified Gemologists. All Certificate descriptions are unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

We are recognized as experts in the industry and bear an outstanding international reputation for integrity, experience and industry knowledge.We are one of the leading solution providers for the dissolution of assets required by virtue of bankruptcies, manufacturer’s changing stock/lines, cancelled orders and businesses closing down. Bond Street is also a solution for Government agencies by providing a fast and equitable sale platform for Seized and Unclaimed Assets.sacquired from various agencies, credit departments, estates, foreclosures, legal establishments, liquidations, seized, and unsettled collections.

How It Works

Listing and Preparation

  • Item Identification: The first step in any auction is to identify the item or items that will be auctioned. This could be anything from physical goods like artwork, antiques, or real estate, to services or intangible items.
  • Documentation and Evaluation: Once the items are identified, detailed documentation and evaluation may take place. This involves gathering information about the condition, provenance, or any other relevant details that potential bidders might need to know.
  • Set Terms and Conditions: Auctioneers establish the terms and conditions of the auction, including starting bids, bidding increments, auction duration, and any special rules that may apply. These terms are communicated to potential bidders through auction catalogs, websites, or other promotional materials.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Advertising: To attract potential bidders, auctions require effective marketing and promotion. This can involve traditional advertising methods such as print media, as well as online promotion through websites, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Preview Period: Many auctions offer a preview period where potential bidders can inspect the items up for auction. This helps build interest and allows bidders to make more informed decisions.
  • Registration: Interested parties may need to register for the auction. This involves providing contact information and sometimes financial details to ensure that successful bidders can fulfill their obligations.

Auction Event

  • Opening Bids: The auction begins with the auctioneer starting the bidding on each item, usually at a predetermined starting price. Bidders can then place bids either in person, by phone, online, or through other specified methods.
  • Bidding Process: Bidders compete by placing successive bids, and the auctioneer announces each bid until no higher bids are received. The highest bid when the auctioneer declares “going once, going twice, sold” wins the item.
  • Payment and Closing: Once an item is won, the winning bidder is required to pay the winning bid amount. The auctioneer may collect payment immediately or set specific payment terms. After the payment is received, the item is officially sold, and the auction is closed.


Wendy -Fort Lauderdale

-Auctioneers are very knowledgable when it comes to knowing the value of a piece and knowing how to find bidders. They are experts in every say and clear when breaking down the appraisal. I highly recommend their services.

Shlomo , Aventura

-Thank goodness I have found an Auction House that I can afford and a company that will market my work throughout the world. Connecting to Bond Street streamlines the marketing of my artwork by catapulting me into the path of the art collector. It is top notch.

Ruth – Long Island

-Exceptional Friendly knowledgeable people Great Auction House. The Auction was on a Saturday and I was Flying out the next day , my pieces arrived home the day after I did. I would highly recommend

Vance-London . England

-Bond Street were extremely efficient with my purchase. Everything was clear and they helped arrange postage for me. Would do business again with no concerns. Very speedy shipping to the UK. No faults at all, exactly as described and viewed. I am very happy.

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