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A Complete Guide To The Top Gemstones That Are Always in Style

Gemstones are never truly “out of style,”. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says:’’ Gemstones come into and out of vogue based on factors that include their affiliation with trendy designer brands, a feature in a popular song or movie, the geographic location of prominent (and wealthy) collectors, and even politics. While these factors are always in motion, for the most part, these fads have little effect on whether particular gemstones will remain perennially fashionable.’’ Let’s find out which stones fall into always in style category:


BIRTHSTONES: Each month has at least one designated birthstone, and the personal association is part of the appeal of wearing jewelry that incorporates your own birthstone. The traditional birthstones, according to the American Gem Society, are


  • Garnet (January)
  • Amethyst (February)
  • Aquamarine or bloodstone in March
  • Diamond in April
  • Emerald (May)
  • Pearl, alexandrite, or moonstone for June
  • Ruby in July
  • Peridot, sardonyx, or spinel for August
  • Sapphire (September)
  • Opal or tourmaline in October
  • Topaz or citrine in November
  • December gemstones include zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite.


When you wear your birthstone, any piece of jewelry becomes a potential conversation piece. Many people who choose to wear a particular stone for that reason also enjoy researching the history and lore associated with it for added interest.


SAPPHIRES & EMERALDS & RUBIES: Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are classic gems that are probably the first to come to mind when you think of colored gemstones. For thousands of years, they have been prized in cultures all over the world for their value as well as their beauty. On a per-carat basis, the finest examples of each of these stones can cost more than diamonds. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says: ‘’Because of gemstones’ enduring popularity, you can find intriguing vintage pieces incorporating them, giving you the option of contemporary or traditional looks.’’


DIAMONDS: These brilliant gems have a history as long as the big three, despite the fact that the practice of proposing with a diamond ring is a relatively new development in the stone’s history. Diamonds were traditionally associated with royalty prior to the nineteenth century, and India was thought to be the only source of the stone. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says: ‘’The discovery of diamonds in South Africa increased supply while improving cutting and polishing techniques brought out the stone’s true beauty. Diamonds, as the hardest of all gemstones, are ideal for everyday wear, a distinction few other stones can match. They also go with any color, making them easy to match with anything in your closet.’’


At Bond Street Auctions, we have a reputation for representing the greatest in luxury fine collectibles. These treasures remain the icons of history, and they are not limited to just anyone few people. We invite you to take in the splendor with us at our upcoming events.


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