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Is There a Best Time to Buy a Rolex?

Even for those who are unfamiliar with luxury watches, the Rolex name is instantly recognizable. Their timepieces have long been a favorite of those who value a high-end timepiece with a combination of style and craftsmanship that ensures its value will last. Of course, this level of quality does not come cheap, so savvy shoppers frequently look for ways to get a Rolex for less than the retail price. However, some of the tricks that work well for finding other types of goods at low prices don’t work so well when shopping for a Rolex.


While watch enthusiasts’ online forums have discussed the topic of timing your purchase, the reality is that some of the features that make Rolexes desirable make it unlikely that purchasing at a specific time will result in a much lower price from a retail outlet. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says:’’ Rolex watches are handcrafted in a time-consuming process that requires meticulous attention to detail and this attention to precision design is why Rolexes can last a lifetime.’’ Furthermore, unlike fashion brands that may change their entire line every year, Rolex’s designs remain consistent.


What does this imply for customers? For starters, it implies that retailers are unlikely to offer significant discounts based on the calendar. While some items may be discounted after Christmas to move them off the shelf, you should not expect a Rolex Submariner or Datejust to be on that list. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says:’’ A Rolex that does not sell in December will not go out of style, so retailers have little incentive to accept a low price in order to make a quick sale.’’ It’s also widely assumed that authorized Rolex dealers are prohibited from advertising discounts and that in order to obtain one, you’ll have to be a star customer willing to haggle. The most common piece of advice you’ll hear from experienced luxury watch buyers on. When it comes to the best time to buy a Rolex, the most common advice from Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn & Bond Street Auctions is “when you can afford it.”


This situation also presents a buying opportunity. Pre-owned Rolex watches are frequently resold for significantly less than brand-new Rolexes. Auctioneer Adam Levinsohn from Bond Street Auctions says:’’Instead of paying top dollar, you can get one of equal quality and nearly identical style for thousands less by purchasing one used’’. Of course, as with any high-end luxury item, the resale market for Rolexes attracts its fair share of forgeries, so you should work with a reputable source such as Bond Street Auctions to ensure that the watch you’re purchasing is genuine.


When is the best time to buy a Rolex? When you’re celebrating success, ready to upgrade your style, or simply want to own the finer things in life. Joining Bond Street Auctions can help you get there faster than you think. We regularly stock an assortment of high-quality luxury watches, including Rolexes, at significantly lower prices than the market. Every item is triple-checked for authenticity so you can bid with confidence.


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